Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New website for pro bono attorneys

The Oregon State Bar and the three Oregon Law Schools proudly announce a new tool to both support lawyers who provide pro bono services to clients and to give law students an additional venue to work with practicing attorneys: 

This website is designed to connect lawyers handling a pro bono matter with law students who can provide pro bono student help. Lawyers from across the state, as well as students from all three law schools—Lewis and Clark, University of Oregon and Willamette—have access to the website.
The site is user-friendly for both lawyers and law students. Lawyers can list the help they need by area of law, then answer a series of questions including the level of law student whose help you’d prefer, special skills needed, and how soon the project needs to be completed. Law students from all three schools can access the site by contacting their career services office for a password.
Attorneys receive capable assistance that allows the attorneys to offer more complex legal services for free. Law students receive an opportunity to gain real-world experience while helping the underprivileged obtain desperately-needed legal services.

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